T​ISIC Rev.4 code 8130



Types of properties we maintain:

Commercial     Equipment and Supply Yards


                        Medical (Hospital, provider offices)

                        Retail complexes (store fronts, grocery)


                        Multi-family residential


Residence       Single Family homes

                        Private residence homes

                        Homes on small acreages (We use zero turn mowers, not farm tractors)


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Can you provide leaf control and help with acorns? Yes, again we are one of the few providers that routinely use mowers that can collect leaves for disposal off site. In addition we use a vaccume system that can pick up acorns that are not pressed into the turf or soil. In our opinion it is best to routinely pickup (not mulch) acorns and live oak leaves as they both inhibit grass growth.

Do you maintain shrubs? Yes. Some are slow growers and only require a slight pruning. Other groups just require a grooming, while others (especially Elaeagnus) require weekly pruning. We use both machines (shearing) and hand tools for pruning. Yes we can perform topiary prunning.  



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