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                   Lawn Maintenance Services

We provide weekly and bi-weekly mowing services for our core customers. We will provide on-call services however they are scheduled in as best we can.

Contracts are not required.

We prefer to use an online billing system thereby allowing for us to be on-site as scheduled and not requiring the customer to be present.

We use multiple size machines therefore we need to schedule lawn service to match the lawn with the size of machines.


What does mowing include? We edge (using blade edgers), trim, mow and blow debris from drives, sidewalks, and porches/decks.

Do you side discharge grass, mulch the grass, or catch it? We are one of the few maintenance providers that routinely use one or more of the three. We typically do not side discharge in high risk areas such as near people, cars, or buildings. 

How frequently do you service your equipment? Its use dependent meaning it depends on the season. In mowing season we may sharpen our blades daily, but in cleanups we may use dull blades.